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A native of Cap-Haitien Haiti, I moved to the United States at 15 years of age to my parents. Upon my arrival in the states, I felt the need to stay connected with my homeland... Haiti. I could not go a day without seeing myself back home. However, I remained focus on my education. Though faced with challenges of an unfamiliar environment and new culture, I continued on the pursu of my dreams by graduating high school with honors and obtaining her MBA in Business Administration at Lynn University. I found motivation in my hardworking parents who worked tirelessly for me to have a better future. The motivation didn't come without strength which I find in God and those whom I cherish. 

What I’m Proud of Accomplishing... So Far

I am what they call a serial entrepreneur whose passion is to elevate businesses from the Haitian community. In March 2014, I founded Haitian-Businesses.com an online advertising company and promotional platform for Haitian and Haitian-owned business with more than 60,000 subscribers. I’ve collaborated closely with the Minister of Tourism of Haiti in many projects in an effort to promote Haiti as a destination.

I am fiercely dedicated to growing a global movement that connects Haitians and Haitian-owned businesses with each other. I am also the Co-founder and CEO of Haïtea, an organic tea line. A native of Cap-Haitien, the pride I felt from raising the Haitian flag every morning in school as a child fuels my career as a I focus on the Haitian community. Among several recognitions, she was bestowed a Beacon of Hope and Achievement Award by the  Consulate General of Haiti in Miami and in 2016, the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of South Florida honored her as a Top 20 Under 40 Young Professional. 

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My main goal is to see a better Haïti. Therefore, I strongly believes this monumental task is possible by supporting each other through our businesses. This action will not only benefit the business owner in return it will economically impact the common denominator that bonds us all together... Haiti. I currently working along side several major brands and business owners of the Haitian community from around the world as a link to keep us all connected on one network. The pride bestowed in me coming from a country of heros and specifically from a town where the only successful slave revolution took place is an honor that I have to live up to daily. from raising the Haitian flag every morning in school as a child, Everything I do will gravitates towards serving my country and the Haitian community. 

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